1. Fronto Shorty

From the recording Fronto Shorty

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Fronto Shorty

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Fronto shorty and you know she rollin up
Fronto shorty riding clean
Fronto shorty and you know she run it up
Fornto shorty you a Queen

I got that true love, I call her Mary Jane
She give me heavy brains, no stop in my everyday
I got the weight of the world on my shoulders
There’s no dividing lies from the smolder
Truth what be told us from all the olders

Fronto shorty yea she rollin up
Pull up to the club with a pound a blunts
You know when walk in, we turnin up
Please do not ask me if you can have one

My shorty, my shooter, my right hand, no foolin
You cannot come for us, know what, we been through it
Breathe in the leaves, she let me be free
She love me, I’m for her, No Jenny, no Forrest


Know the feeling of waking up, and rollin one
That wake and bake the night was full, of work or sumn
That morning wood underneath the sun, day just begun
Take her in deeper, the nights a creeper, a hired gun

You used to make my heartbeat faster
Don’t know what I’m after
Kept me laughin, lookin happy, but at home on a bad one

Slow it down for me, I got a lot to do
Even more to see, a lot to lose, nothing to prove
Take away my pain, nausea, let my body move
Help me focus, third eye open, vibrate higher with you

Oh Mistress Mary, show me how your garden grows
Keep me grounded, light and airy, I swear I’ll let em know
Of you, of you, of you....

All the things you get me through
Kept me feelin really cool
Talkin shit, what’s it to you what I do?