1. Yellow Line
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Yellow Line

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Slow ya roll
Slow ya roll
I don’t know which way to go but
till then let’s just slow ya roll up

I’m walking down the yellow brick road
History shows me which way not to go
I️ caught on to the game a long time ago
But it took me awhile to learn to none but I️ am owed

I don’t owe you nothin'
I don’t owe you nothin'
And I damn sure don’t owe you nothin'

But golden rule, so unto others including you
my best I’ll give you

The things she’s seen have made grown men rain tears of empathy
Young and independent has she always been and it shines bright from within
This life’s taken so much
All these greedy humans and their jealousy
A snake in the grass who had looked like a friend slyly she took these two girls she called her friends
Without a choice their innocence would end

I was only 14, look what you did to me
Name in the streets and Janae was the only friend you see Her pops an OG, told the world that he would kill for me
Put the fear of God in their eyes before she walk on by, they're starin' at me
Envy and greed in their eyes
I see spirals in her soul
another sister hypnotized
OH! But don’t you know
don’t you know
don’t you know
telephones lie