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Innately in love with the arts and passionate about people, Claire Elizabeth Grace aka CEG  (pronounced sage) is the creative master of many focused on guiding beings back to a space of peace & health.

Self-titled "Neo-millennial Jazz" artist was adopted at birth and off running before crawling at 6 months old; she hasn’t slowed down since!

In 2017 CEG founded The Celebrating Women of Color Project, a non-profit holding space for innovative ways to inspire, empower, and celebrate women of color.

Later that same year after performing in front of thousands at a Portland Resistance protest, it was obvious she could make a great impact pursuing philanthropy through arts.

In 2018 CEG launched Fronto Shorty, a lifestyle brand inspired by her appreciation of Mary-Jane. The Fronto Shorty anthem produced by Bad Nonno out of Los Angeles and Gulls out of Portland released 4/2020.

After completion of registered teacher training at The Yoga Space which began in October of '19, CEG began working at The Yoga Space and teaching yoga and meditation privately in March '20. In July of '20, MadgesdiqCEG founded Namasté All Day, supplying premium yoga equipment with love opening Fall '20.